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Our goal is to help small and medium size businesses thrive. We do this by finding solutions that cut operating expenses and increase their trajectory. We already have a large number of suppliers and services that we can offer, but would like to make sure we can quickly meet most needs a smaller business might need help with. If your company helps small and medium sizes businesses grow revenue, reduce costs, mitigate risks, or offload workloads, we want to speak with you. Let’s talk to see if we can create a partnership, and in turn, help other businesses grow.

Yesterday, January 14th, the Oregonian released an article that “Ransomware attacks hammer some of Oregon’s best-known brands: McMenamins, Yoshida, Bob’s Red Mill.” The article goes on to say more “small and midsized business, school districts, and other low profile targets” are being attacked. It’s unfortunate that businesses, school districts, and other smaller entities must spend some of their limited resources on battling these issues. The sad news is most business that are compromised don’t ever fully recover. Online attacks, once associated with major corporations, are increasingly hammering small and midsized businesses, school districts and other low-profile targets. Mike Rogoway | The Oregonian/OregonLive Mitigating attacks after they happen can be costly, but unfortunately, so can a cybersecurity program that helps prevent these attacks to begin with. So what can a small business do. Jaapex Solutions is set up to help do just that. Leveraging our background and other government services, we…

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April 3rd, 2021, a sunny day in the Pacific Northwest and a great day to hike, although I would argue that any day is a great day to hike no matter what the weather. This particular spot had beautiful waterfalls, flowing rivers, and large Douglas furs. Not 20 steps into my hike, I run across Jay, a long time friend, amazing family man, world traveler, and someone with a similar professional background as I. After a quick catching up, I blurt out, Let’s start a business together Jaapex is born! We had no idea Jaapex Solutions was the name at that point. Over the coming months we talked, plotted, and schemed. Although we didn’t have a name, a product, or knew many details, we did know what we wanted. We wanted our own business, that we wanted to help others, and that we wanted challenges that we could call our…

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