Oregon Small and Medium Sized Business are being Targeted

Oregon Small and Medium Sized Business are being Targeted

Yesterday, January 14th, the Oregonian released an article that “Ransomware attacks hammer some of Oregon’s best-known brands: McMenamins, Yoshida, Bob’s Red Mill.” The article goes on to say more “small and midsized business, school districts, and other low profile targets” are being attacked. It’s unfortunate that businesses, school districts, and other smaller entities must spend some of their limited resources on battling these issues. The sad news is most business that are compromised don’t ever fully recover.

Online attacks, once associated with major corporations, are increasingly hammering small and midsized businesses, school districts and other low-profile targets.

Mike Rogoway | The Oregonian/OregonLive

Mitigating attacks after they happen can be costly, but unfortunately, so can a cybersecurity program that helps prevent these attacks to begin with. So what can a small business do. Jaapex Solutions is set up to help do just that. Leveraging our background and other government services, we bring cybersecurity protection to you at an affordable price. We realize business don’t have a limitless budget to mitigate against all risks, so we’ll work with you on identifying what the top business risks are and determine which actions would have the highest return on investment to mitigate those risks.

Link to the referenced Oregonian article: https://www.oregonlive.com/silicon-forest/2022/01/ransomware-attacks-hammer-some-of-oregons-best-known-brands-mcmenamins-yoshida-bobs-red-mill.html

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